At Malaina Ann Hair Care Solutions, we pride ourselves in creating the best organic handmade hair care products for your hair’s needs. We cater to all hair types but have a special love for low porosity hair.


Featured Products


  • Growth Oil - Amla  & Rosemary Extracts
  • Treatment Oil - Hibiscus & Guava Leaf Extracts
  • Moisturizing Hair Mask - Avocado, Banana and Honey
  • Clarifying Shampoo  - Amla & Hibiscus
  • Leave In Conditioner Spray  - Amla & Hibiscus
  • Rinse - Out Conditioner
  • “Ready Set Grow Bundle”


Malaina Ann Hair Growth Oil is made with love and an exquisite blend of herbs such as Rosemary and Hibiscus flowers to ensure that you have an healthy scalp which accelerates your Hair Growth and helps to retain length. This oil process takes about 3 months to manufacture. She begins marinating the flowers and herbs for 2 months for the perfect blend. It’s then strained and mixed with lovely carrier oils for an additional month. Once done this blend helps the hair seal in moisture and creates the perfect scalp balance. Most of all” It Grows in Your Edges and Hair”. Enjoy!!!   SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR A LIMITED TIME Add "Growth Oil" to your purchase and get FREE SHIPPING.


I’m grateful and Blessed. Thought my hair was lost forever, but as you can see it wasn’t. Thanks Malaina Ann ( Samantha)

Hair Porosity

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